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Recover Surge: Advanced Post-Workout Formula To Speed Recovery, Reduce Soreness And Replenish Cellular Energy Faster…

The idea behind Recover Surge was to formulate a recovery supplement that gives hard training athletes what their body needs to speed recovery, reduce muscle soreness and replenishes cellular energy. We wanted a supplement that maximized the post-workout anabolic window, reduces recovery time and enables athletes to resume training and competition sooner at their full effort.

To do this, we needed to create a complete recovery supplement that goes beyond the traditional ingredients of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), L-Glutamine and Creatine. We needed a recovery supplement that cleans and detoxifies your body, re-hydrates and re-loads your muscles, fights inflammation, replenishes cellular energy while assisting with muscle repair and proper nerve and muscle function.

Whether you’re in a training camp, fight camp, competing in a multi-day event or pushing your limits daily during training, Recover Surge gives your body what it needs to heal quicker, feel fresher and get you back in the game faster.

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Formulated to
  • Support Lean Muscle Development*
  • Replenish Cellular Energy Quicker*
  • Reduce Inflammation & Muscle Soreness*
  • Remove Metabolic Waste*
  • Rehydrate & Reload Muscles*

Serious athletes know their recovery after a tough training session is just as important to making athletic progress as the training session itself. That’s why what you do and what they put in your body following a training session or competition is crucial to making athletic gains and progress.

BCAA’s, L-Glutamine and Creatine have been staple ingredients in recovery supplement for some time. However, these three ingredients just don’t cut it when it comes to truly maximizing and speeding recovery. At PNP Supplements, we know every ingredient has an impact on an athlete’s recovery, which is why we formulated Recover Surge using premium ingredients like SUSTAMINE™, CREAPURE™ and CREATINE MAGNA POWER® in our glutamine, creatine and branch chain amino acid blends. Additionally, we took Recover Surge further by including an exclusive Muscle Cleanse Matrix and Muscle Re-Load Matrix.

By the time we were done with Recover Surge’s formula, we had a complete seven stage recovery and muscle building system that takes your recovery further.

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Key Ingredients
Following an intense workout, the levels of cellular glutamine in the body can drop by as much as 50% and plasma levels can drop by 30%. This “muscle wasting state” is a gateway for the body to break down and use its muscles for energy. Supplementing with glutamine can prevent this from happening and improves recovery, muscle building efforts, boosts the metabolism, supports athletic performance and strengthens the immune system (T-helper cells).
By consuming creatine, which is naturally present in muscles, after training, athletes replenish creatine stores and cellular energy faster, which is the body’s first step in the recovery process. This allows the body to focus on repairing muscle damage faster and ultimately speed the recovery process. Recover Surge is formulated using a blend of four creatines that includes Creapure™, Creatine HCL, Creatine Magna Power® and Creatine Alpha-Ketoglutarate. Recover Surge also contains Vanadium to improve creatine absorption.
BCAAs are essential nutrients comprised of three amino acids (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine), which trigger protein synthesis, inhibit the breakdown of muscle cells and assist with muscle repair and growth. Recover Surge is formulated using Instantized BCAAs, which are in a 2:1:1 ratio.
The organic compounds L-Citrulline and Malic Acid combine to create Citrulline Malate. L-Citrulline is turned into L-Arginine and Nitric Oxide in the kidneys and supports circulation. By improving blood flow throughout the body, oxygen and nutrient transport increases, which supports recovery better. L-Citrulline also helps the body eliminate toxins, such as lactic acid and ammonia, from muscles to assist in the recovery process. The addition of Malic Acid promotes further energy replenishment by increasing ATP production & enhancing creatine regeneration in muscle cells.
This organic compound is essential for cardiovascular function, maintenance of skeletal muscles, the retina and the central nervous system. There is evidence that Taurine has many positive effects on the nervous system. Taurine may help alleviate oxidative stress on the body after strenuous exercise. Taurine has positive effects on the heart, blood pressure and circulation.

Found in fruits, contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties. Assists in muscle recovery, reducing blood pressure and supports peak performance.


Has been shown to increase oxygen utilization, cellular energy, helps mitigate liver damage and improve insulin resistance in athletes.


Aids in recovery from physical stress. Helps the body clear itself of toxins and is antiviral in nature.


Reduces inflammation in joints, muscles and fight arthritis where there is inflammation of tendons and ligaments.


Passes through the stomach and intestines quickly. This is ideal for post training glycogen reloading and improving solubility of other ingredients that are absorbed with it. This makes each ingredient in Recover Surge more soluble and more readily available once consumed.

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Athlete Testimonials

Recovery Surge - Still My favorite. I just love the fact that you can take this in the middle of training or post training and never get the bogged down feeling that most recovery product would give you. It definitely reduces how beat up your body is because I've done multiple workouts where I said tomorrow is going to be a rough day. The next day comes and rather than being sore was ready to go.

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Results from using Recover Surge may vary from person to person.

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Customer Reviews

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It works

Have noticed less soreness post workout and heightened recovery.

Reduces Aches

I feel a noticeable difference in my muscles aches and soreness the day following a hard workout. It works great! I love the taste too!

Great Recovery Product

This is an amazing product. I love that I can use it to help me with my marathon training.

Love Recover Surge!

Love this product. Tastes great and really helps me recover from a hard workout!

Great Product

I have used it the past few days and have noticed less soreness and I feel stronger. I use it in the morning and after my workouts in the evening.


Great product and it works. It also does not have the crap that other companies use. Highly recommended!


I wasn't sure what to expect but I planned to take this as directed, immediately after a tough workout. My legs, especially my quads were thrashed and I found myself wondering why this stuff wasn't helping. I remained sore the rest of the day and in the past knew that this kind of soreness would last for a couple of days so I canceled my next day's workout and went to bed. In the middle of the night, I woke up to use the bathroom and was *stunned* that the excruciating soreness was mostly gone. When I got up the next morning, I had minimal soreness and I got my butt back in the gym and had a great workout! I'm amazed- This stuff absolutely works and I'm so glad I found it!!!! Tastes great too!

My Favorite Supplement!

This supplement has done wonders for me! I start drinking it half way through a work out and find myself able to go harder for longer. It has also taken my recovery to a new level! I used to be sore for a week after a tough workout, this product has shortened that to ONE day! Amazing product and tastes fantastic. My husband and I LOVE PNP Supplements and are switching over to using all of their products. Great company!

This stuff really works!

I started using this when I started stepping up my training. After a couple of days, I saw a big reduction in muscle fatigue and soreness the day after a hard training session. I still felt good enough to do my normal stuff. Definitely works.

Noticing less soreness!

I've really started to notice less soreness since I started taking Recover Surge. I take it at the end or right after workouts, it tastes great, and will be a nice addition to my health and fitness routine!