Muscle-Up Stack


Muscle-Up Stack: Superior Muscle Support, Development and Growth…

When it comes to adding muscle and truly maximizing muscle gains, protein alone just doesn’t cut it. This is especially true if you’re a hard gainer. Muscles need protein to feed them the amino acids they need for repair and grow, but they also need glycogen to fuel muscles during training and restore depleted energy to get the recovery process rolling. Our Muscle-Up Stack starts with Whey-Pro 5 to feed your muscle the fast digesting and high amino acid yielding protein your body needs. Whey-Pro 5 optimizes protein synthesis, promotes natural and healthy hormone production while supporting intestinal health and a strong immune system. Whey-Pro 5 is formulated with bovine colostrum and digestive enzymes to give your body the extra boost it needs for maximum results. Glyco-Muscle Fueler provides the glycogen dense carbohydrates muscles need to restore depleted energy stores and give your recovery a boost. Glyco-Muscle Fueler is a high-quality carbohydrate that is sugar-free, gluten-free and absorbs 18.21% faster than leading carbohydrate supplements.

This stack includes: Whey-Pro 5, Glyco-Muscle Fueler

Customer Reviews

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Energy Support

Tried the Muscle up Stack on a whim to counter hunger during a workout. Fell in love with it and now use it as pre-workout drink and during all workouts!

Works great.

My body is used to taking lots of stimulants (pseudo-ephedrine, the good old Ripped Fuel and other such products). But I become very used to taking them and remember having to up the dosages every few weeks, and the crash was awful. Now, 20 minutes before I go to the gym to lift I take a scoop of each of these supplements and, WOW! I feel a ton of energy and focus. Plus, you get no awful crash feeling. I also take a scoop of each of these supplements right after my workout and also in the mornings. I can't recommend this stuff enough.

Definitely effective!

Definitely a staple in my nutrition when bulking. The extra carbs are awesome and its pretty quick with delivery for good energy during my workout. The protein helps with muscle support and recovery. I’ve seen good results with this stack. The strawberry and banana flavors mixed together tastes pretty gooed. Definitely awesome stuff when used correctly.