"My cardio improvement is night and day with this product. It almost feels unfair." - Cedric T.




  • Will I need to “load” Cardio Surge Energy over a period of days/weeks before it takes effect, or can I take Cardio Surge Energy on an as needed basis?

  • Are these pills vegetarian?

  • How quickly does Cardio Surge Energy work?

  • Does Cardio Surge Energy have any caloric value, or will it break a fast?

  • Can I take Cardio Surge Energy daily?

  • How much caffeine is in a capsule/serving of Cardio Surge Energy?

  • Will you have trouble sleeping after using Cardio Surge Energy and working out?

  • Is Cardio Surge Energy safe for tested athletes to take?

  • Is Cardio Surge Energy guaranteed to work?

  • What sports can you use Cardio Surge Energy for?

  • What is your returns policy?

  • What country is Cardio Surge Energy manufactured?

  • When will my order be shipped out?

  • I don't live in the United States; can I still buy Cardio Surge Energy?

  • Does PNP Supplements ship to my Country?

Customer Reviews

Based on 195 reviews
Cynthia M. (Stoughton, MA, US)
Best Pre-Workout for Running and other Cardio

No jitters, no crash, and helps me enjoy running without feeling like I'm gasping for breath. This definitely helps the oxygen-transfer in the lungs to be more efficient, so my muscles don't hurt while running. Best pre-workout for Cardio.

Jarissa G.
Awesome Supplement

I use Cardio Surge before every workout and physical activity to just get going in the morning. Works great and gives that extra drive!

Cedric T. (Jacksonville, FL, US)
Cardio surge

GAME CHANGER ........ my cardio Improvement is night and day with this product it almost feels unfair lol amazing product !!

AJ B. (Princeton, NJ, US)
Best pre workout every!

Best pre workout I have tried . My endurance and performance feels like it is 3X when I take this.

Rhonda P. (Crestview, FL, US)
 Great for running!

I am a daily runner, and have taken a lot of pre workout supplements to maximize my run, and most don’t deliver. The first time I took this one, I noticed a huge difference. My endurance is better, my body isn’t fatigued after, and my temp isn’t as hot... I love this stuff! I am a believer!

Harold S. (Tucson, AZ, US)
Pretty much perfect.

Right energy without overstimulation.

Michael W. (Alexandria, VA, US)
Great boost in endurance.

This product definitely seems like it keeps my energy going for longer. I use it on my Saturdays where my training can go for around 2 hrs of intense exercise. It helps me keep going with intensity for the entire time. 

Luis M. (El Sobrante, CA, US)
Does what it says

Definitely works in the exact manner that it describes

Joseph H. (Seymour, WI, US)
Long lasting energy

Took Cardio Surge Energy 30 minutes before my lunch run (6 miles) and had great sustained energy throughout the run, no crash. Energy lasted the rest of the day and didn’t get my usual mid afternoon energy slump. Will definitely buy again.

Juan C.
Steady Energy

Love this formula. A great steady energy without the jitters!