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Endurance Athlete - Fuel

I've started using Glyco-Muscle Fuel for every run over 10 miles and refuel with it every 90 minutes afterwards. It's helped keep my energy levels and endurance going for multiple hours of continuous exercise - including a 24 hour endurance run (115 miles). It's also help my stomach (GI) relax and better process normal foods used during these events.

Amazing Taste

Good quality overall...Taste, clean & does what it says.

Clean and Smooth

Great product. Mixes well with a shaker or blender. No grit! I do not need milk or almond milk to enjoy this protein! just water works just fine and keeps the calories down.

Great flavor!

I absolutely Love this protein supplement! Great for someone like me who has GI issues and can't eat much. Delicious flavor, I mix it with whole milk instead of water. Definitely will continue to buy this. Great ingredients as well.


It's always hard to find quality and good tasting whey. I love that it's has both a clean Grass Fed Whey that's a Isolate and Colostrum in it. Has not bothered my stomach at all! Dissolved super easy. Smells amazing!

Tastes great

I look forward to drinking this after my workouts. It smells and tastes refreshing.

So good!

Great flavor and great price!

Very Effective!

Great superior protein source that is utilized quickly by muscle and is clean, tastes good, and is needed to build/maintain muscle while on weight loss regimen. Glad my nutritionist recommended this product.

Glyco Muscle Fueler

Works well, not the best tasting.

Whey Protein

Love the Banana Cream, great taste! Highly recommend.

Lean Muscle Stack

Clean, tastes good, very happy

Best tasting Chocolate protein powder out there!

Love the taste of their Chocolate flavor. Mixes great with a mixer bottle. Natural ingredients. Worth every penny. It is a great protein supplement for active and athletic people. I use daily.

So freaking deliscious.

This protein is the best protein powder I have ever tasted. I mix mine with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. soooooo goood.

Love it!

Great product, love the ingredients! PNP always keeps their products clean and natural! Left me feeling really good after my workout today. Will definitely buy again!

Awesome Supplement

I use Cardio Surge before every workout and physical activity to just get going in the morning. Works great and gives that extra drive!

Cardio surge

GAME CHANGER ........ my cardio Improvement is night and day with this product it almost feels unfair lol amazing product !!

Great taste, great ingredients

After reading many reviews and researching a lot of protein powders, I selected this product in chocolate. I have had Muscle Milk, GNC, and many other protein powders all in chocolate. I believe this flavor has the best taste. I am a milkshake kind of guy and regular drink one with my young son. I think this protein powder with a mix of water has a taste between a frothy chocolate milk and a regular chocolate milkshake. This protein powder definitely has a lot of health to it and has a great ratio.

The best tasting highest quality protein.

I love this. I purchased this product because the one I normally use was sold out and I am impressed. The quality of ingredients is phenomenal, which usually come at a price when it comes to taste, but not this time. In my opinion this taste amazing.

Good post workout recovery.

Like this product a lot and have tried many, this is worth the money. Will buy again.

Best pre workout every!

Best pre workout I have tried . My endurance and performance feels like it is 3X when I take this.

Works Great!

Have only used 3 times but am pleased with the results. Dissolves easily and mixes well with my protein powder. Gives me a nice energy for my workouts.

 Great for running!

I am a daily runner, and have taken a lot of pre workout supplements to maximize my run, and most don’t deliver. The first time I took this one, I noticed a huge difference. My endurance is better, my body isn’t fatigued after, and my temp isn’t as hot... I love this stuff! I am a believer!

Great taste and ingredients.

This stuff has a great ingredient list and tastes great!

Great Product!

Easily blends in a shaker bottle with milk, unlike all other protein powders I've tried. Flavor is great, and clean ingredients.

Pretty much perfect.

Right energy without overstimulation.