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I wasn't sure what to expect but I planned to take this as directed, immediately after a tough workout. My legs, especially my quads were thrashed and I found myself wondering why this stuff wasn't helping. I remained sore the rest of the day and in the past knew that this kind of soreness would last for a couple of days so I canceled my next day's workout and went to bed. In the middle of the night, I woke up to use the bathroom and was *stunned* that the excruciating soreness was mostly gone. When I got up the next morning, I had minimal soreness and I got my butt back in the gym and had a great workout! I'm amazed- This stuff absolutely works and I'm so glad I found it!!!! Tastes great too!

Great product, on my cardio session after already doing an hour of weight training, I Felt like I could run all day

Very soft and comfortable shirt.

I bought envy green and military green shirts for my husband and he loves them. It’s a very soft shirt and the fit is awesome. He wears them all the time. It’s worth the money.

The Complete Stack!

This stack has everything you need! I love the protein and carbs just before my workouts and Cardio Surge before I go on my runs. I can feel the difference during my workout. I have more energy. After my workouts, I love the Recover Surge. It’s like having a Piña Colada after my workout, only better.

My Favorite Supplement!

This supplement has done wonders for me! I start drinking it half way through a work out and find myself able to go harder for longer. It has also taken my recovery to a new level! I used to be sore for a week after a tough workout, this product has shortened that to ONE day! Amazing product and tastes fantastic. My husband and I LOVE PNP Supplements and are switching over to using all of their products. Great company!

Great product

It's a quality blender bottle and it never leaves lumps when I use it for protien powder!

Shaker bottle

Easy to clean and perfect overall


I have tried a lot of different brands of protein powder over the years and this is by far the best! It tastes great and I love that they use high quality ingredients! I highly recommend this product for those looking for a great protein supplement!

Super comfortable t-shirt!

My new favorite t-shirt! Great fit and style. I can wear it all day. And very soft material.

Very comfortable tank top.

Very comfortable tank top. I love the material, style and fit of this tank top.

Love them.

Love the length, the material and the fit. The hug the body perfectly.

This stuff really works!

I started using this when I started stepping up my training. After a couple of days, I saw a big reduction in muscle fatigue and soreness the day after a hard training session. I still felt good enough to do my normal stuff. Definitely works.

A+ Protein

Best whey protein I've ever had. A+

Go to for race day!

It's made well and high quality. I notice less feeling of exertion when I use it and I run faster. It's my go to for race day.

Give it a try. You won't be sorry.

Love this protein. This was better than I expected. Great tast.

Works Great.

Works great. You can really feel a difference in your endurance.

Highly Recommended

Great for what i need.

No bloat

Great tasting! Impressed with the results so far. I will order again.

Stuff seems legit

I don't know if this stuff had placebo effect or if it was the real deal, however I did find myself able to push myself harder on the treadmill and the mountains. It didn't seem long enough for it to have been me 'just getting in better shape', so I'm thinking this stuff was working. I was able to push harder and for longer periods of time whereas before I had peaked out under the same conditions. I will buy another bottle and see how far I can keep pushing up those mountains.

Quality Protein

Great tasting protein and easily digestible.

Great Supplement

Great source of energy and carbs, great product!

Noticing less soreness!

I've really started to notice less soreness since I started taking Recover Surge. I take it at the end or right after workouts, it tastes great, and will be a nice addition to my health and fitness routine!

Game Changer

Great product. Absolute life saver.

Bom produto.

Percebi uma diferença na minha recuperação depois dos meus treinos.

Great taste!

Best tasting protein powder I tried!