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High quality

My husband loves the feel of this shirt! The material is amazing and the fit is great! Will definitely be getting more!

This is legit

They don’t kick in ASAP but when they kick in they come to drag your butt of the I can’t do it anymore zone and make you push your self

Great product

Not only it tastes great, but it works too! My digestive problem has been much better with this product as well as my bladder iss.


The proteins is pretty clean and doesn't upset my stomach as others brand did to my stomach. Also i dont like too much sweetness on my whey proteins so PNP product is good fit to me on top of the quality of the proteins. On the other hand, their Surge recovery is unreal because i always feel sore and fatigues after my training but after taking Surge and i feelt the soreness went down from 4/10 to 1-2/10, the taste is little bit strong of pineapple flavor but not bad taste at all . I Definitely recommend PNP product to my friend / teammate.

Love This Whey Protein!

Love this whey protein and fast shipping.

Tastes Great and Blends Easy!

Love the flavor and how well it mixes up! Very smooth!! Love this product and highly recommend it

Whats in this!!!

I'm usually very skeptical when it comes down to supplements. I've been taking this for a week, and I will say...WOW!
My running endurance is through the roof!
I used to run every other day..Now, I'm running daily.
To further make me a believer, I'm up 4 additional miles to my runs.
on Sunday I did 4 miles, Monday I did 6.
Today I ran 8..without stopping.
Usually I would need time to relax, and heal.
not with this stuff.
It truely delivered.

There's whey, then there's this.

Dissolves easily and tastes great, so you can drink it alone or mix it into whatever you like. I've even mixed it with just water and a sprinkle of cinnamon when I had nothing and was in a rush. Biggest appeal to me is how clean the ingredients are with no fillers.

Must have!!

Amazing product. Highly recommended for any endurance athlete.

It really works.

Seems to actually help.

Does Wonders.

This product does wonders. I used in coming back from an injury. I would definenlty try it out for those in need for a boost in their cardio workouts.

Highly recommend

Best endurance supplement product I’ve tried in years. I’m an avid runner. Over the years I’ve tried a lot of supplements and natural enhancements and I can say after using Cardio Surge Energy I noticed a significant difference in my endurance. Used it during my marathon training.

Cardiovascular efficiency

This product has given me more energy, stamina, and increased efficiency in my workouts. Cardio Surge Energy, was noticeable after two weeks because, I wasn't plateauing in my longer workouts after 1hr like I use to. Overall, a great product and I highly recommend it.

I have tried it along an intense cardio program ...

I have tried it along an intense cardio program and my VO2 MAx digits did increased. There are no side affects, so try it, it wouldn't hurt.

I've been taking Cardio Surge Energy for 3 weeks and feel better and stronger.

I've been taking Cardio Surge Energy for 3 weeks and feel better and stronger. Breaking a record on my road-bike this month with over 300 miles and the month's not even over!


It tastes good and I like it.

Best post-workout

This post-workout supplement is awesome. I noticed in the first week of drinking it how much it helped me with my soreness and pain.

Extreamly Good!

It is extreamly good!!!!

Clear difference

I have used this product in the past year and recently started back up again after a few months off. When I was on it, I noticed a clear ability to push harder and for longer on the bike. Good stuff.

A High Quality Grass-Fed Protein!

It’s important to me that the products I use are from high quality sources. The fact that the protein source is 100 % grass fed whey protein isolate is very important to me. Add colostrum to help with muscle recovery and heal GI issues along with some probiotics and I'm set! This is my second time ordering and I will order again soon.

Found the one!

Love how simple the ingredients are and the taste is soo good! I will continue to buy this for sure!

It works

The supplement has worked tremendously for me.


So far so good ... feel like I’m getting a pep back in my step


I like this product it gives me what I needed.