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Key Benefits

Oxygen Utilization

It’s no secret, the more oxygen that can be supplied to working muscles, the more energy they can produce and the longer they can sustain a heavy workload. VO2max or oxygen utilization has been viewed as one of the most important predictors of endurance performance. A study, conducted at Ball State University, confirmed the correlation between the body’s ability to effectively utilize oxygen and endurance performance with findings indicating a strong relationship between VO2max and 10-mile run times (Costill 1970). Cardio Surge Energy enhances oxygen delivery and utilization during exercise to improve mitochondrial respiration and the capacity for endurance exercise.

Fat Metabolization

By far the body’s best source of energy is its fat stores. A single fatty acid molecule provides 40% more ATP energy per molecule than a glucose (carbohydrate) molecule can. This is why it is vital for an athlete’s body to turn to fat stores for energy as quickly as possible. However, the body doesn’t start using its fat stores for energy right away. Instead, glucose is used for energy first. It isn’t until the body’s glucose stores become depleted and second wind kicks in that it switches to its fat stores for energy. Cardio Surge Energy helps by metabolizing body fat sooner and more efficiently which gives athletes more energy.

Oxygen & Nutrient Transport

Working muscles demand considerably more oxygen and nutrients. To meet this demand, more blood must flow to the muscles during physical exercise. The final link in the oxygen delivery chain (from the lungs and heart) and nutrient delivery is the capacity for more blood to circulate through the body and reach working muscles. Cardio Surge Energy addresses this need by relaxing arteries and allowing more oxygen and nutrient carrying blood to circulate in the body and reach the working muscles.

Lactic Acid Buffer

To the hard training athlete, there is no word more dreaded than lactic acid. Lactic acid occurs from performing intense physical activity and entering into an anaerobic zone. This is when the body is no longer providing enough oxygen to the working muscles for energy. When this happens, the mitochondria in cells burn glucose without sufficient oxygen and lactic acid is produced as a result. As lactic acid builds up in muscles, athletes experience the dreaded muscle burn. If enough lactic acid builds up, eventually muscles start to shut down and stop functioning altogether. Cardio Surge Energy combats lactic acid buildup in two ways. First, because Cardio Surge Energy optimizes oxygen delivery and utilization, less lactic acid is produced in the mitochondria. Second, Cardio Surge Energy improves the removal of metabolic waste from muscles. With less lactic acid build up, athlete experience less muscle burn and can perform at their peak longer.

Muscle Contraction Support

Muscle Contraction is essential for all movement. From weight lifting to running, to throwing a kick or just standing up straight, none of it is possible without muscle contraction. The problem athletes face as they perform a physical activity is their muscle contractions begin to weaken and slow down. If physical activity is performed long enough and intensely enough, their performance will suffer and can eventually come to a halt altogether. Cardio Surge Energy helps to keep athletes moving in many ways. As mentioned above improving the delivery and utilization of oxygen and nutrients to working muscles while removing metabolic waste goes a long way to keeping muscles performing at their peak. However, Cardio Surge Energy provides a full spectrum of electrolytes to further support strong muscle contraction and nerve impulse.

Digestion Support

For most athletes, it’s common to consume carbohydrates, protein and electrolytes before or during training and competition. However, the important thing isn’t to just consume those vital nutrients, but to ensure they are broken down, absorbed into the bloodstream and make their way to the athlete’s muscles as quickly as possible. Cardio Surge Energy includes a digestive enzyme blend to help athlete breakdown and utilized nutrients quicker and more efficiently.