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I had been out of crossfit for a while. Gained some muscle in that time but lost a lot of power and speed. First week back to CF Sucked!!! Finally decided to try this. I actually felt a huge difference in my performance that first day of using this. Shorter rest periods and ability to sustain the work.

Highly recommended (CSE)

Thank you PNP my first time using this cardio surge energy, take two before my 21k it was really amazing give me good and better performance i did nonstop running on my 21k 👍 what are you waiting for try for your self..

Taste is a bit strange but it works and provides energy for my Muay Thai training.

Love This Grass-Fed Whey Protein With Bovine Colostrum!

I've taken Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Colostrum for about six months now with my husband and we absolutely love it! It's a very clean formula with three main ingredients (grass fed whey isolate, bovine colostrum and probiotics) and a few natural flavoring ingredients. Perfect! We don't need/want anything more. We've tried both flavors and love both, but usually get the banana flavor. We use it daily in our mid morning power smoothie and sometimes a little in our coffee. Delicious!!! We will be ordering more again soon! Thanks PNP!

Superb supplement

I use this for my training runs. Excellent taste and helps keep me going. I love PNP supps

Love it!

Vitality sports bras are definitely at the top of my favorite sports bra list. Simple, yet stylish and functional. I love that this one goes with any color! So comfy!

This Stuff Works!

Wanna have unlimited energy and endurance? Get this product.

Great Product

Cardio Surge Energy is great for an extra boost of clean energy! No shakes, no headaches, no jitters or feeling of coming down.

Taste Super, Mixes Easy.

Best I’ve ever had. Great taste, mixes nicely, no strange after taste. Very very happy. More expensive than others but I got what I paid for and that’s all I can ask.

Do yourself a favor, make the switch to PNP.

Get off the chemical products and go all natural with PNP Supplements. Everything you need, none of the stuff you don't want.

It works

Have noticed less soreness post workout and heightened recovery.

Great for BJJ and Lifting

Makes a difference with my longevity in bjj rolls and doesn't make me feel all itchy and cracked out like some pre workouts do. Makes me feel like I can roll all day.


Really delicious protein powder. Best one I've tried! I take mine with 2 scoops powder in 10 oz Organic Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk. Love it!

Not too sweet.

If you want to avoid artificial sweeteners and drink a product that tastes good and is good for you... this one is the best I’ve found. I add frozen fruit and blend.

Reduces Aches

I feel a noticeable difference in my muscles aches and soreness the day following a hard workout. It works great! I love the taste too!


I take Glyco--Muscle Fueler 30 minutes prior to workouts and never run out of energy.


Have only taken it a few times but so far i gave been impressed with the results


So far so good.

Clear difference

I have used this product in the past year and recently started back up again after a few months off. When I was on it, I noticed a clear ability to push harder and for longer. Good stuff.

Great Endurance, speed and strength Booster!

I like this endurance / fitness booster supplement. I feel like it has given me some health benefits and improved my endurance stamina.

Game Changer

Great product. Absolute life saver.

Clean and amazing taste-highly recommend

This protein is amazing. As a bodybuilder and former competitor I've tried a lot of proteins. Now as a mom to be I'm even more concerned about what I put in my body. I can honestly say this is the best tasting protein I've ever tried!! I love the fact that it is so clean....grass fed cows, no hormones, no artificial ingredients, colostrum for improved health and probiotics. What more could you ask for??!! This protein does't mix quite as thick as some I've tried so if you like a thicker shake I'd recommend using only 4-6 oz of water or almond milk instead.

Noticeable work capacity increase.

I'm always looking for anything that will make my training more productive. I only take 3 capsules and notice an increase in my work capacity on long training days. I'm not sure that this would be all that effective for lifting or short burst types of exercise, but definitely great to add for endurance athletes.

Best Quality

Highly recommend to stack with pre work out, great energy and endurance throughout training.

Great Recovery Product

This is an amazing product. I love that I can use it to help me with my marathon training.