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Cleanest protein out there.

This stuff is amazing!! After two solid weeks of trying it, I finally want to write a well earned review. The best thing about this protein is that it’s so clean and will not give you any upset stomach from all the crap the other competitors put in their powders. It is also very lean and tastes delicious. It’s definitely worth a try this is going to be my new go-to. I’m waiting on a 5lb bucket of the powder to come out.

Good stuff!

PNP Supplements has the best products! Whenever I'm consistent with these and regular exercise, it's amazing the results I see. Highly recommend!

Nothing better to replenish the energy

It's expensive, yes. But nothing better to get you some carbs and replenish the energy after a grueling day at the gym.

Increased endurance

Helps me go a little longer, stay in the gym later. Rises to my level of activity. If I end up sedentary it doesn't make me anxious like caffeine.

Very comfortable t-shirt.

I got a few different colored shirts and wear these regularly. They’re very comfortable athletic cut and soft. I wear these to workout in and around the house. Nice shirt!

Great Endurance

I’ve been using Cardio Surge Energy for a while now when I play indoor soccer, run and do cardio classes at the gym. . . Ex: Cycle classes. I can definitely notice a difference. When I play indoor soccer, I feel a lot more energy in the second half when I would normally be getting tired. Same for when I run, usually about seven miles. I can push harder later on in my run. I also used Cardio Surge during soccer tournaments, which was a big help for me, especially in the alter games. The next day after long runs I a less sore too.

The Ultimate Stack!

Love all four supplements and together they give you everything you need for CrossFit training.

Great product! 

Great Product! I notice a I have a lot more energy on my runs.

Fantastic Energy

Fantastic energy.I have already bought 2 more. 

Cardio Surge and Glyco-Fueler in one stack! You can't go wrong.

I've gotten and used Cardio Surge Energy and Glyco-Muscle Fueler before for my Muay Thai training. This Stack give you what you need to train at your peak!

Good Stuff!

Taste great and it feels like I recover faster. Good stuff.

Gives me the boost I need during tough WOD'S

Easy to mix....perfect for intra workout shake with whey, BCAA, creatine.....I drink 1/3 before my workout, 1/3 during, and finish the rest after my workout. It gives me the boost I need during tough crossfit metcons. Easy to digest , no bad taste whatsoever!!

Good for workouts

I usually take C4 but I think it makes me breakout or something. I wanted something more natural. Pop 4 pills 45 min before your workout and you're good to go. Good for cardio, good for strength and HIIT training. Love that there's no stimulants.

I like the quality.

Great flavor, not gritty. I mix it with chocolate protein for my after workout drink. I just started my second bottle and plan to buy more.


A+ supplement

Helps your breathe in a tough workout!

I always get fast service and this stuff really does help you breathe in a tough workout! 

5 Stars

Great to take before my workouts.

Cardio Surge Energy has allowed me to keep my level of intensity up and push harder.

I regularly exercise in a kick boxing class for one hour a day. By the end of one-hour kick boxing class, I am normally exhausted and struggle to finish the class. When I decided to try Cardio Surge Energy, I was a little skeptical at first, but could clearly see a difference from the first time I used it. By the end of the one-hour kick boxing class, I still have enough energy to go for a second kick boxing class. Cardio Surge Energy has allowed me to keep my level of intensity up and push hard from the start of class until the end of class. Since that first time I used Cardio Surge Energy, I’ve gotten back in shape and have gotten my abs back. Thank you!

Proof is in the pudding

I am an avid runner (marathons, OCR, fun runs, etc) and Cardio Surge Energy has proven itself time after time. For a while I tested it by NOT taking them on every other same distanced race, and this product has always shed minutes off of my finishing times; not to mention noticeable improvement of my overall mental strength while enduring the latter halves of those races. I am completely confident standing behind this product and feel like a dummy if i forget to take them before any physically challenging event!

Killing my CrossFit metcons with this stack!

Perfect for CrossFit training and getting me through tough metcons! I take the recommended serving of Cardio Surge Energy one hour before CrossFit. I mix one scoop of Glyco-Muscle Fueler and drink 1/2 before my workout and 1/2 during my warmups.

Bad to the bone

This stuff is bad to the bone. its very subtle but works better than most other pre workout formulas that I have tried.

I couldn't believe the difference Cardio Surge Energy made.

The first time I was introduced to Cardio Surge Energy was during a soccer tournament in the middle of July. The weather was well in the high 90-degree mark and the surface of the turf fields we were playing on were easily over 100 degrees. The first two games I played were tough, as you can imagine. I was tired, my legs were tired from all the running and I felt sluggish during each game. During our break before our third game of the day, a teammate of mine introduced me to Cardio Surge Energy. I was a little skeptical at first, but figured I didn’t have anything to lose. I couldn’t believe the difference Cardio Surge Energy made. The first thing I noticed was my legs didn’t burn/hurt anymore from all the running. The recovery in my legs was amazing; it was as if I had gotten a new pair of fresh legs. I could keep running without the burning feeling I had before. With that, my endurance levels definitely went up too. I had the energy to play a lot more actively and aggressively than the first two games earlier that day and with less breaks. I played the game strong and we finished the tournament strong by taking first place in our division. I’ve been using Cardio Surge Energy ever since. Thanks!

Amazing product!

Amazing product. Love the taste. I will definitely buy again.

All in one CrossFit Stack

All in one CrossFit Stack! Perfect!

Best Stuff Around

This is the best stuff for increasing your aerobic cap. Give you just what you need for pole dacing class. Nice smooth energy without jitters or feeling like your heart is going to pop out of your chest. I highly recommend.

Great taste.

Great tasting and does what it promotes. I take this supplement to help me recover after long rides. Being able to get back on my bike the next day and feeling refreshed is the main reason I purchased this product. So far I'm pleased.

Great Shaker Bottle.

I love these shaker bottles. They are perfect for protein drinks and smoothies on the go. The stainless steel ball is great at mixing powders into your drink, and for keeping the drink from settling in the bottle. The bottles have a convenient carrying loop on top. The bottles fit nicely in the cup holders in the car. All parts are dishwasher safe.

Best carb powder you can buy

The best carb powder you can buy! No sugar, just quality carbs to fit your lifting needs. I will use this for intra and post workout needs depending on how many carbs I'm taking at the time.

Mannnn lemme tell ya

There is NO other pre workout I stand by more than PNP supplements. I am a senior manager who is also in yoga teacher training and take aerial performance arts as well. I have that extra push I need to finish the day strong. No Red Bull jitters. No crash. No issues sleeping. Good clean energy. Thank you

And never have a brief stock out again please lol jk lol.

My pace and longevity in my workout has seen a big improvement.

I have been taking Cardio Surge Energy for about two weeks now. My pace and longevity in my MMA workout has seen a big improvement. I recommend this product to anyone having trouble with their cardio. My recovery time and how I feel day to day has improved too.

Five Stars

Great flavor!

My new WOD shirt.

Shirt fits nice and has a nice soft feel to it. I would highly recommend this shirt.

The Ultimate CrossFit Stack!

This stack consists of all four of their supplements. Everything you need to perform, recover and maintain!

Perfect for my shakes!

Awesome! Amazing Product, Great taste and super awesome service. Highly recommend!!! 

Workout longer.

Great product for working out longer. I use this in my martial arts training. Very good.

Works great, easy to clean.

Blends powders beautifully and lump-free, and just rinses clean -- no difficult areas to reach even if you're making a shake with something obnoxious and sticky. I shake everything up, then pour it into a glass and immediately rinse the shaker. These let me do a quick kill-the-sweet-tooth protein shake in the wee hours without the noise and mess of the blender. I never would've dreamed a stainless wire ball could make that much difference, but it does. These are big and roomy, too. I usually use about 10 oz. milk with protein powder, green powder, and cocoa, plus 3 ice cubes (that don't fully melt, just chill everything down), and when shaken the container is nearly full.

Works really well when I go for a run

Works really well when I go for a run.

Very good product

I've been using PNP products for yedars. I should have posted earlier. I feel stronger with this product during intense workouts and I recover quicker. It is a great product for both workout and cross country racing, which is what we use this supplement for. I hate the caffeine based supplements and the jitters that follow. With Cardio Surge, you get good energy without no crash in energy. Very good product.

Best tasting protein powder I have ever had.

Whey Pro 5 is the best tasting protein powder I have ever had, it not only taste great but after a long hard workout it gives me the fast digesting protein I need to feed and rebuilds my muscles. I have seen good results using this protein.

The Perfect Energy Boost

My husband and I both work out at least once a day. We love the boost that a pre-workout gives us but hate the jitters and crash that come with them. The drinks also tend to make me a little sick if I don't take it exactly at the right time. Instead, this is our go to energy booster for pre-workouts or in the morning if we've missed coffee. It gives you a perfect boost of energy naturally with no crash, no stomach upset, and no jitters. We use this all the time and definitely recommend it for anyone needing an extra energy boost, a little pick me up, or a major wake up before a workout.

I love Recover Surge!

I love Recover Surge . . . Never sore after a hectic training session and love the fact that it is back to basics . . . no carbs. Just what you need to refuel your muscles and to keep you lean!!! Great job PNP!!!

5 ingredients is all you need.

Love the fact that this protein is formulated with 3 types of whey protein, colostrum and digestive enzymes. That’s all you need in your protein.

I like using Glyco-Muscle Fueler and Recover Surge after heavy ligting sessions.

I like to use Glyco-Muslce Fueler stacked with Recover Surge after heavy lifting sessions to help replace glycogen and to protect and repair muscle. The combination of Strawberry Passion and Coconut-Pineapple flavors is almost like I'm cheating on my diet!

Good for running!

This is a pre run must have. Don't feel tired with I can Cardio Surge before my runs. Awesome supplement!

Good for Boxing

I love this product. I use it for boxing and my endurance has increased.

Absolutely love this product!

Absolutely loved this product, it's the first protein powder that I can actually enjoy after my CrossFit workouts instead of having to trudge through it. I’ve tried Whey-Pro 5 a few different ways and in each case it’s worked out well. From adding a scoop to my morning coffee to adding it to smoothies to mixing it with just water or milk, its blended nicely every time and taste good. I don't usually care for banana flavored things but there's a creaminess to it that makes this more of a standard shake flavor than the usual artificial 'jolly rancher' type of flavor of other protein shakes I've had. I don't know if there's plans for it but I cannot wait until more flavors come out.

This CrossFitter loves it

Each supplement I use from PNP seems to have a very positive effect on all my CrossFit training. I feel like I'm able to train longer and with more intensity with the help of Cardio Surge. Definitely recommended!

Just what you need to keep up your energy levels throughout CrossFit training.

Excellent product! I use this for a nice boost of energy before my CrossFit lifting sessions. Good for early morning or after work workouts. I definitely notice a difference in my energy levels when I use Glyco-Muscle Fueler. The strawberry tastes good and mixes easy to which is a plus.

Love the taste and it works good too!

The coconut – pineapple tastes so good! It’s like a Pina Colada. Love this after my WODs. I notice in my recovery and am less sore the next day after a hard workout!

Another great product!

I've always enjoyed PNP Supplements products and was excited to try this triple whey and bovine colostrum as I've never really used anything other than whey in terms of protein supplements. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the flavor on this was great! I usually go with an unflavored whey where I'll just throw in a banana and some peanut butter. I tried it with this and really enjoyed the addition of the banana crème. You get a little subtle aftertaste of the sweetener in this but adding banana or some type of fruit eliminates it for the most part. I also noticed that I felt satiated longer and didn't feel bloated after drinking this as I usually have with many other brands in the past. Just got back into my workout routine so it's too early to give proper feedback. However, as a dietary supplement I would highly recommend you at least give this a try.