Ultimate Sports Performance Stack

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Ultimate Sports Performance Stack: The Ultimate In Performance And Recovery…

When you’re looking for a complete stack for peak performance and recovery, look no further than the Ultimate Sports Performance Stack. This stack starts with two powerful performance supplements in Cardio Surge Energy and Glyco-Muscle Fueler. Cardio Surge Energy optimizes your body’s natural energy pathways to maximize its ability to produce natural stimulant free cellular energy through the production of ATP, which gets your body running at its true peak. Glyco-Muscle Fueler complements Cardio Surge Energy by providing the high-quality fuel source your body needs to keep moving and performing at its peak longer. Glyco-Muscle Fueler is a powerful sugar-free and gluten-free carbohydrate that absorbs 18.21% faster than leading carbohydrate supplements while providing up to two hours of sustained energy.

Recover Surge and our Grass-Fed Whey Isolate & Colostrum complete this stack by feeding your body the powerful ingredients it needs to recover faster and more completely. Recover Surge optimizes your body’s recovery by providing what the body need immediately following training a session or competition. Recover Surge cleans and detoxifies the body, re-hydrates and reloads muscles, fight inflammation and replenishes cellular energy while assisting with muscle repair, proper nerve and muscle function. Our Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Colostrum completes this super stack by properly feeding your muscles with the high amino acid yielding protein your body needs. Our Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Colostrum optimizes protein synthesis, promotes natural and healthy hormone production while supporting intestinal health and a strong immune system. Our Ultimate Sports Performance Stack is ultra-low in sugar and is gluten-free.

This stack includes: Cardio Surge Energy, Recover Surge, Glyco-Muscle Fueler and Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Colostrum

Customer Reviews

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The Complete Stack!

This stack has everything you need! I love the protein and carbs just before my workouts and Cardio Surge before I go on my runs. I can feel the difference during my workout. I have more energy. After my workouts, I love the Recover Surge. It’s like having a Piña Colada after my workout, only better.

Great Quality - Feel Good, Tastes Good

I love the protein powder and the cardio surge pills. The banana creme protein powder tastes amazing, doesn't make you feel lethargic, and has probiotics that clearly help it pass through your digestion. The pre-workout works like a charm as well....the only negative is it kind of tastes like chalk. I would still drink the PNP pre-workout over chemical alternatives that make you feel like you just put jet fuel in your system.

Overall great products - especially for HIIT athletes.

Fantastic setup

i havent had any issues with any of this. I am currently deployed and this helping me stay in shape and get unto better shape. I used this when I raced ATV’s as well and it helped get through ever race.

You can't go wrong with this stack.

If you like the different supplements PNP offers, then you can’t go wrong with this stack. I’ve used this stack for a while and have had good results with it.

Works good.

Works good. No complaints.

Good results.

I've had good results with all the supplements, so decided to get this stack.

The Ultimate Stack is the ultimate stack!

The Ultimate Stack has helped me in my OCR training. Cardio Surge and Glyco-Muscle Fueler give me that extra energy I need to perform strong during my long training sessions. Recover Surge helps me recover quicker and reduce muscle soreness. Whey-Pro 5 give my muscle the good quality protein they need to heal and maintain. The Ultimate Stack is the ultimate stack!

Works great.

Work great. Complete stack with everything you need for intense Muay Thai training.