Lean Muscle Stack

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Lean Muscle Stack: Maximum Muscle Support and Recovery with Minimal Calories…

When it comes to maximizing lean muscle recovery and growth, it takes effective and powerful ingredients that are targeted toward your goal without excess calories. Our Lean Muscle Stack starts with Recover Surge which optimizes your body’s recovery by providing what your body needs immediately following your training session or competition. Recover Surge cleans and detoxifies muscles, re-hydrates and reload muscles, fights inflammation and replenishes cellular energy while assisting with muscle repair, proper nerve and muscle function. Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Colostrum completes this super stack by properly feeding your muscles with the high amino acid yielding protein your body needs. Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Colostrum optimizes protein synthesis, promotes natural and healthy hormone production while supporting intestinal health and a strong immune system. Our Lean Muscle Stack is low in calories, ultra-low in carbohydrates and sugar and gluten-free.

This stack includes: Recover Surge and Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Colostrum

Customer Reviews

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The proteins is pretty clean and doesn't upset my stomach as others brand did to my stomach. Also i dont like too much sweetness on my whey proteins so PNP product is good fit to me on top of the quality of the proteins. On the other hand, their Surge recovery is unreal because i always feel sore and fatigues after my training but after taking Surge and i feelt the soreness went down from 4/10 to 1-2/10, the taste is little bit strong of pineapple flavor but not bad taste at all . I Definitely recommend PNP product to my friend / teammate.

Everything you need without the extra calories.

Every thing to you need with out the extra calories! Great stack!

Everything your muscles need!

Love this stack. It give you’re muscles everything they need to recover without the extrac calories. . . And the supplements tastes good too.

Love this stack.

Love this stack. I use the protein in my morning smoothies with a few other ingredients I add in and the recovery after my workout. So far, I’ve noticed good results. Both taste delicious and mix easy.

Solid Stack

Just what you need to support your muscle and recovery without the extra calories. I’ve been using this round my training and have noticed good results.