Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Colostrum

Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Colostrum: Engineered To Support Muscle Development, Immune System Health & Digestion For An Athletic Lifestyle…

When we sat down to formulate Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Colostrum, the goal was to formulate a fast digesting protein supplement that delivers the complete amino acid profile and high protein yield athletes need to maximize protein synthesis. We wanted a protein supplement that promotes natural and healthy hormone production while supporting intestinal health and a strong immune system. Ultimately, we wanted an advanced protein supplement that delivers more of what athletes need to support muscle development, health and optimize athletic performance.

To do this, we created the world’s first all-in-one blend of bovine colostrum, whey protein isolate and probiotics. Our Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Colostrum’s unique blend gives you the advantage they need while relying on minimal ingredients that are powerful, clean and effective.

Whether you’re looking to add a powerful and fast digesting protein powder to your post-training recovery, your health smoothie or add it to your cooking, our Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Colostrum delivers the amino acid-rich protein you need and much more.

Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Colostrum keeps your muscles strong by supporting natural healthy hormone production and superior protein synthesis. Additionally, Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Colostrum provides immune factors, probiotics and combats leakiness of the gut to keep your immune system strong, your gut healthy and improve nutrient utilization. Your body gets more of what it needs to stay strong, stay healthy and perform at its peak with Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Colostrum.

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Formulated To:
  • Support Lean Muscle Development & Strength*
  • Promote Faster Recovery*
  • Boost Immune System Health*
  • Support Gut Health & Digestion*
  • Enhance Nutrient Utilization*

Setting the bar for a higher quality whey protein supplement starts with the quality of life and food the cows have who supply the whey protein. Our whey is derived from the milk of Montana dairy cows that graze pastures and in the process avoid feedlots and the need for feed supplements and GMO foods. This naturally allows our cows to produce a purer and higher quality protein powder.

Humanely treated grass-fed cows live healthier, more natural lives, but they also place less stress on the land they inhabit. When properly managed, grass-fed animals can produce a net benefit to the environment. Pasture grazing requires significantly less fossil fuel than a feedlot diet consisting of corn, soy, antibiotics, and hormones. Pastured animals fertilize the land they graze on, which eliminates the fossil fuels required by conventional fertilizing practices. Lastly, grass-filled fields not only hold on to topsoil and moisture, but also more effectively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than any other use of land.

Key Ingredients

Like many great things, whey protein was discovered by accident around 6,000 B.C. and later recognized for its immune system-boosting value by Greek physician and “Founder of Medicine”, Hippocrates. Today, whey protein has become a staple in sports nutrition and for good reason. Our grass-fed whey protein isolate delivers four main benefits over other protein sources.

First grass-fed whey protein provides a higher quality whey protein than traditional whey. Our whey protein isolate is the cleanest and purest source of protein at around 90 percent pure protein with an excellent complete amino acid profile.

Second whey protein isolate is a higher quality complete protein that delivers a higher yield of amino acids than regular whey, milk, egg, soy, hemp or other plant-based proteins and it delivers the complete amino acid profile needed by the body.

Third, whey protein isolate is low in sugar, fat and calories, delivering more of what you need and less of what you don’t.

Fourth, whey protein isolate has had almost all of the lactose removed minimizing digestion discomfort. Whey protein isolate digests easier and faster than other protein sources.


From ancient Chinese medicine to the people of Kenya and Tanzania to Britain, bovine colostrum has been highly valued for centuries across several cultures for its powerful health benefits. In modern times, bovine colostrum has gained popularity for its athletic benefits and has been used by top-level athletes to improve recovery after strenuous workouts and competitive events, including Britain’s Olympic team.

Bovine colostrum is the early milk produced by cows during the first days after giving birth. This early milk has a nutrient profile and immunological composition substantially different from mature milk that is sold in stores and is used for whey protein. Bovine colostrum is rich in antioxidants, IGF-1 and proteins. Colostrum has been studied for its ability to improve athletic performance; its effects on body composition and its ability to supply body building nutrients are widely acknowledged.

Gut microorganisms play key role in protecting the intestinal barrier, fine tuning the immune system and metabolizing nutrients, which is why our Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Colostrum supplement includes probiotics or more specifically, lactobacillus acidophilus. One of the most naturally acid resistant strains of probiotics, lactobacillus acidophilus provides a wide range of benefits from improving digestion and utilization of whey protein by the body to lowering the chance of stomach discomfort and lactose intolerance.
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There are a ton of post-workout protein supplements out there, but I use Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Colostrum for a few reasons. Just like all PNP Supplements, it’s all scientific and shit. It includes bovine colostrum which helps in numerous ways such as improving your immune system, increasing your lean muscle growth, and supporting natural hormone production. The Probiotics helps with absorption of protein which is great not only for your muscle growth, but for your digestive system too. It tastes great!

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect protein in a hurry source.

Amazing way to add protein to literally anything. It dissolves fast and easy in any liquid and is totally tasteless. I also am confident in the source.

Love this protein

This stuff is as good as it gets. Pricey, but you're getting the best quality and it has colostrum in it too. It's worth it to me.

Great protein powder.

This protein tastes great and mixes well. It’s low carb and low fat. I definitely recommend it.

Super easy to digest!!

I’ve tried a lot of whey based supplements so I’m super picky!! This one is great. It tastes good and digests easily. I use it as a post workout and sometimes put some in overnight oats or add it to oatmeal. Can’t beat the price either!!

Beyond great!

PNP’s Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Colostrum is beyond great. The chocolate flavor is my new go to protein. PNP Supplements does a great job of providing high quality ingredients and putting them together in a formal that not only taste great but is focused on what your body will actually retain. I've been using the new protein for a few months and have had no upset stomach or GI distress. Simply put PNP’s new protein is CLEAN, EFFECTIVE and WORKS!!! Its will definitely be fueling me throughout the CrossFit Season.

Love it!

Loving the new chocolate whey protein from PNP. It tastes good, mixes easy and is all natural! Just look at the ingredient profile and you can go wrong. 25g protein, 5g colostrum, 5.3g BCAAs and 2 BIL CFU. What you need in a good protein. I usually take my protein in the morning with my coffee and/or as a straight shake right after my workout and it’s working great so far.

It tastes is amazing

Since adding Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Colostrum to my nutrition regimen, I feel my energy doesn’t drop so much and I manage to keep my muscle and strength up even when training a lot of Jiu Jitsu. Plus I love that it's made with all natural ingredients and the taste is amazing!

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Rocket Power Energy!

When I used this and trained, it felt like someone put a rocket in my butt and set it off. 10/10

Great Stuff!!!

I take Cardio Surge Energy before my runs and there was a noticeable difference from the first time I took it. It gives me that extra boost and allows me to breathe more efficiently. I highly recommend this product.

The energy you need to get you through a tough workout

This stuff is fantastic. I don't use it as a pick me up before a workout (I have a little caffeine for that), but this is more like the energy that keeps you going throughout the workout and pushes you a bit further. I find a steady energy with no crash. I have noticed a huge difference in energy levels and performance when I've taken this and when I haven't (with caffeine being a constant). I teach very high intensity kickboxing classes and I get though them just fine if I have this!

Great Quality - Feel Good, Tastes Good

I love the protein powder and the cardio surge pills. The banana creme protein powder tastes amazing, doesn't make you feel lethargic, and has probiotics that clearly help it pass through your digestion. The pre-workout works like a charm as well....the only negative is it kind of tastes like chalk. I would still drink the PNP pre-workout over chemical alternatives that make you feel like you just put jet fuel in your system.

Overall great products - especially for HIIT athletes.

Try this!!!

This actually works!!! I’m extremely active. I take 3 and it’s like rocket fuel with no jitters.