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Endurance Stack: Maximum Energy Production For Sustain Peak Performance…

When it comes to maximizing endurance and sustained peak performance, it takes more than just good oxygen utilization or lactic acid buffering to keep your body performing at its peak. Our Endurance Stack starts with Cardio Surge Energy which optimizes your body’s natural energy pathways to maximize its ability to produce natural stimulant free cellular energy through the production of ATP. Glyco-Muscle Fueler caps this super stack by providing the high-quality fuel source your body needs to keep moving and performing at its peak. Glyco-Muscle Fueler is a powerful sugar-free and gluten-free carbohydrate that absorbs 18.21% faster than leading carbohydrate supplements while providing up to two hours of sustained energy.

This stack includes: Cardio Surge Energy and Glyco-Muscle Fueler

Customer Reviews

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Great Stack

I've been using the endurance stack for a couple of weeks now. I've been very impressed with the results. Initially, I ordered the products simply as a way to cut back on stimulant loaded pre-workouts. But I may never go back to that stuff. The glyco fueler is especially impressive. It's not heavy. It doesn't sit in your stomach, and it doesn't cause bloating. Great stuff!

Great stack!

The PNP endurance stack works great! I've been using this product for a few weeks now and I have seen lots of improvement in my cardio and endurance. Give it a try and see for yourself.


There is something different about PNP, I have used many stacks before many pre-workouts and there is something about PNP that keeps me going. It’s like I don’t want to leave the gym not the track! This product is a game changer, I can’t wait to use it again and again and again.

Awesome Energy!

Awesome energy with this stack. Nevery feel tired with this combo!

Lots Of Sustained Energy

Gives me that extra energy I need during long hard training sessions. I usually take Glyco-Muscle Fueler before and during my workouts and I take Cardio Surge Energy 60 minutes before cardio sessions. Feel like I can go all day.

The right energy and perfect recovery!

I just love it how It keeps me with the right energy and takes care of my recovery !!!
I've been using PNP Supplement line for a few months and I'm very happy with the results!!!
The cardio surge helps me on intense workouts and usually training does more than a few hours so I use Glyco Muscle to ensure right energy level throught the training. Once I’m done my favorite, the Recovery which has a amazing pineapple flavor.

Great product. Baja proven

I race Baja in an Atv class and these products help a lot for my stamina and endurance. Highly recommend..

Cardio Surge and Glyco-Fueler in one stack! You can't go wrong.

I've gotten and used Cardio Surge Energy and Glyco-Muscle Fueler before for my Muay Thai training. This Stack give you what you need to train at your peak!

Killing my CrossFit metcons with this stack!

Perfect for CrossFit training and getting me through tough metcons! I take the recommended serving of Cardio Surge Energy one hour before CrossFit. I mix one scoop of Glyco-Muscle Fueler and drink 1/2 before my workout and 1/2 during my warmups.

I use it during the 2014 Score Baja 500 race and its as good as it claims...

I use it during the 2014 Score Baja 500 race and its as good as it claims… The time to recuperate and to be back in top shape way less while using this product. I know give it to my kids after soccer practice/games and they love it. The flavor is good and is easy to mix makes it a great supplement for the entire family.