PNP x BlenderBottle® Classic (28oz)


PNP × BlenderBottle®

Everyone else is just a shaker cup. The BlenderBottle Classic revolutionized the industry back in 2004 with its leak-proof seal, iconic design, and the BlenderBall wire whisk. Now, years later, it’s still the best-selling shaker on the market. Why? Because it works.

Smooth Tastes Good

Say ‘goodbye’ to lumpy protein shakes and ‘hello’ to smooth, great-tasting drinks. Our patented mixing system uses the BlenderBall® wire whisk — found only in BlenderBottle® brand shaker cups — to mix even the thickest ingredients as you shake.

Clip it, Loop it, Hang it

Integrated with the StayOpen™ flip cap, the adjustable carry loop lets you hold more when your hands are full and offers a convenient place to attach keys while at the gym.

Leak-Proof Guarantee

The Classic’s screw-on lid and secure flip cap keep your gym bag and car seat dry. With a snug twist of the lid and the assuring “snap” of the flip cap, you’re ready to roll.

Worry Free

Made from only the highest-quality materials, BlenderBottle® brand shaker cups are — and always have been — BPA and Phthalate free.

Customer Reviews

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You can never have enough shaker bottles.

Awsome shaker bottle for a great price. You can't go wrong.

5 out of 5

Nice shaker bottle. It does a great job mixing protein and is easy to clean.

Great product!

Love this shaker bottle. Very easy to use and clean.

Works great, easy to clean.

Blends powders beautifully and lump-free, and just rinses clean -- no difficult areas to reach even if you're making a shake with something obnoxious and sticky. I shake everything up, then pour it into a glass and immediately rinse the shaker. These let me do a quick kill-the-sweet-tooth protein shake in the wee hours without the noise and mess of the blender. I never would've dreamed a stainless wire ball could make that much difference, but it does. These are big and roomy, too. I usually use about 10 oz. milk with protein powder, green powder, and cocoa, plus 3 ice cubes (that don't fully melt, just chill everything down), and when shaken the container is nearly full.

Buenas botellas para proteina

Buenas botellas para proteina

Great companion for on the go drink mixes :)

This product has been PERFECT! I got Whey-Pro 5 too and mixing it with a spoon just wasn't going to cut it. So, I got this bottle for mixing and it’s been great! The perfect size for two servings. I don't even have to measure the water I put in, I just add two scoops and then fill the rest of it to the brim with water. A really handy side benefit of this bottle, which I didn't even know going in. It's great for drinking on the go, the seal is really good, so I don't have to worry about it spilling. Now instead of skipping breakfast or just grabbing a banana, or trying to put some badly mixed protein into a cup that can slosh over, I can quickly whip up some protein and mix and drink on the go with this lovely blender bottle. :)

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Rocket Power Energy!

When I used this and trained, it felt like someone put a rocket in my butt and set it off. 10/10

Great Stuff!!!

I take Cardio Surge Energy before my runs and there was a noticeable difference from the first time I took it. It gives me that extra boost and allows me to breathe more efficiently. I highly recommend this product.

The energy you need to get you through a tough workout

This stuff is fantastic. I don't use it as a pick me up before a workout (I have a little caffeine for that), but this is more like the energy that keeps you going throughout the workout and pushes you a bit further. I find a steady energy with no crash. I have noticed a huge difference in energy levels and performance when I've taken this and when I haven't (with caffeine being a constant). I teach very high intensity kickboxing classes and I get though them just fine if I have this!

Great Quality - Feel Good, Tastes Good

I love the protein powder and the cardio surge pills. The banana creme protein powder tastes amazing, doesn't make you feel lethargic, and has probiotics that clearly help it pass through your digestion. The pre-workout works like a charm as well....the only negative is it kind of tastes like chalk. I would still drink the PNP pre-workout over chemical alternatives that make you feel like you just put jet fuel in your system.

Overall great products - especially for HIIT athletes.

Try this!!!

This actually works!!! I’m extremely active. I take 3 and it’s like rocket fuel with no jitters.