Get To Know PNP Supplements and It’s New Line Of Supplements

Get To Know PNP Supplements and It’s New Line Of Supplements

In a world where there seems to be literally hundreds, if not thousands, of different supplements to choose from, it’s hard to know who you can trust.

What’s more, for any up and coming supplement company, it’s equally hard to earn the trust of potential customers because most, let’s face the facts, have been burned in the past with previous purchases they’ve made.

Fortunately, PNP Supplements has been able to overcome the odds and become one of the more trusted supplement brands available. Now with a current satisfied base of customers, PNP Supplements is getting ready to expand even further and offer a line-up of top-notch products that will help all individuals meet their athletic goals, whatever they happen to be.

Let’s take a quick look at PNP Supplements history.

The Inception

PNP Supplements was originally created back in 2009 on the core values of researching, developing and producing top quality supplements that drive results. It didn’t take long for the founder to go hard to work developing a product called Cardio Surge, which was then released in 2010.

This Cardio Surge caught on amongst the endurance-focused crowd and soon other athletes were also taking note of all the benefits it had to offer.  The company began working with a number of top level athletes throughout the development of Cardio Surge including Vitor Vianna, top level MMA fighter and 2X World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion, the 2004 Miss Universe Figure Champion, Flavia Crisos, the 2007 Desert ATV Champion, Ed Teixeira, as well as the 2009 and more recently 2012 WORCS Champion, Beau Baron.

With a remarkable entry into the supplement arena, Cardio Surge set the stage for PNP Supplements to expand onwards and continue to receive renewed success in the industry.

The Development

With as much success as the initial version of Cardio Surge had, the PNP Supplements went on to continue their growth, revamping their logo in the first half of 2012, and then going on to release a new and improved version of the Cardio Surge Formula onto the scene, called Cardio Surge Energy.

This product served to enhance natural energy sources even further, really assisting in the most hard-core athletic training sessions.

As this product rolled out on the market, the company continued to work with additional top names to ensure it was delivering nothing but the best of results.

The Advanced Product Offering Line-Up

Now, well in to 2013, PNP Supplements is preparing to release it’s next generation in supplements. PNP Supplements is realizing that they can offer their clients so much more than just the energy enhancement benefits that Cardio Surge Energy had to offer and are now unveiling a number of new products on the scene.

PNP is bringing a product called Glyco-Muscle Fueler onboard, which is powered by Karbolyin, a fast absorbing carbohydrate that absorbs into the muscle 18.21% faster than Waxy Maze or Dextrose, which have been staple carbohydrates used in so many supplements. This provides a fast and effective means of recovering between workout sessions, while also providing energy for workouts at hand. In addition to that, it’s designed to help provide the key electrolytes in the body you need for optimal performance along with B vitamins to enhance energy through accelerated fat conversion.

Additionally, look for a high quality Whey protein blend with colostrum available soon, along with a pre-workout and post workout supplements called Power Surge and Recover Surge, both also aimed at enhancing performance and recovery levels.

With such a great line-up of products, you’ll get everything you need with PNP’s new line of supplements.

To learn more about each one of PNP’s new supplements, stay tuned and look for our article series on our supplement line. In our next article, we will take a close look at Glyco-Muscle Fueler.

Jerry Teixeira
Jerry Teixeira - Author

Jerry Teixeira founded PNP Supplements as a sports performance brand based on the concept of maximizing the body’s natural functioning systems for peak performance and recovery. From training and competing for several years to studying the body, nutrition and researching supplementation, Jerry has taken a hands-on approach to all PNP Supplements formulas. A Northern California native, Jerry graduated from San Francisco State University in 2004.

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