Post Training Nutrient Rich Smoothie

Post Training Nutrient Rich Smoothie

I personally love to switch up by post-training meals and work in this protein and antioxidant rich smoothie when I get a chance. This may not be something you want to have after every training session, but it is a great option to switch it up from the norm. It is packed with nutrients your body needs and it will take care of your sweet tooth too.

This smoothie is high in protein, it has a good dose of healthy fats and it will replenish your energy stores. . plus it is packed with antioxidants to further help your body’s recovery!

This meal will take five minutes or less to prepare and it is a great option for the summer days that are fast approaching. Check it out below and give it a shot. I guarantee you will like it.

Here are a list of the ingredients you will need to prepare your smoothie. You should be able to find all the ingredients at your local Safeway or health food store, but if they don’t have what you’re looking for you can find it online. 


1 cup of coconut water

½ cups coconut meat

1 tbsp raw cacao powder

1 serving raw organic green super food

½ cup blueberries

½ cup raspberries

1 serving pack Sambazon Açai unsweetened

1 serving Whey-Pro 5

½ cup Cashews



Blend all ingredients together using blender or food processor until well blended, then serve in a glass. I personally like to keep all my ingredients in the refrigerator and the berries in the freezer until I use them. This gives you a nice cool smoothie without using ice. You may want to try this for a cool drink without needing ice.

Nutrition Facts

This may not be something you want to do all the time because it is packed with calories, but it you want to treat yourself will keeping rich in nutrients, this is a great option. You can also cut the recipe in half to cut down on calories. Keep in mind your macronutrients will be cut in half too.

Protein: 41.5grams

Carbohydrates: 65grams

Fats: 43.5grams

Calories: 709.5

Jerry Teixeira
Jerry Teixeira - Author

Jerry Teixeira founded PNP Supplements as a sports performance brand based on the concept of maximizing the body’s natural functioning systems for peak performance and recovery. From training and competing for several years to studying the body, nutrition and researching supplementation, Jerry has taken a hands-on approach to all PNP Supplements formulas. A Northern California native, Jerry graduated from San Francisco State University in 2004.

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