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Immediately And Safely, Increase Your Endurance and Cardiovascular Production with Cardio Surge Energy…

The Fastest, Easiest, Most Complete Cardio Endurance Supplement Available Today… Guaranteed To Transform Your Success In The Gym, On The Track Or In The Ring From The Very First Time, You Use It…

Since 2010, Cardio Surge Energy has helped athletes unlock their true cardiovascular and endurance potential safe and without the use of stimulants or harmful ingredients. Regardless of your sport, developing a strong cardiovascular system and endurance are essential for your success and Cardio Surge Energy is guaranteed to help you do just that.

Cardio Surge Energy increases your physical endurance and cardio production from the very first time you use it without the use of caffeine or other stimulants that are commonly found in most top selling sports energy drinks and endurance supplements. These stimulant ingredients trick your body into feeling that it is producing more energy. However, these drinks and supplements don’t actually improve your body’s production of energy so you end up needing to ingest more and more caffeine or other stimulants to keep the “FEELING” of having more energy. On the other hand, Cardio Surge Energy relies on safe ingredients that actually help your body produce more energy, remove more waste and run more efficiently.

Cardio Surge Energy is quickly becoming recognized as the new standard in cardio endurance supplements. Let take a look at what sets Cardio Surge Energy apart.

“What sets Cardio Surge Energy apart, is its ability to cover and dramatically improve three vital systems like never before, which allow you to perform physical activity longer and at a higher intensity level”

Cardio Surge Energy was specifically designed and developed to naturally address and improve three fundamental areas required to assure strong cardiovascular production and endurance during intense physical activity:

1. Cardio Surge Energy was designed by looking at the basics first, which was to offer a defense against muscle cramps, weakening muscle contractions and slow physical reaction time. We’ve all experienced or seen the effects slowed reaction time and muscle cramps can have on our physical performance. They can literally take us out of a sporting event or end a training session early.

“You can spend countless hours training before your sports events and be the best-trained and conditioned athlete at competition time, but if your muscles are slowing down or cramping, all those hours you spend training and preparing won’t do you any good.”

Although many sports drinks and supplements promise to include electrolytes, the majority of them only includes sodium and potassium and ignore the rest, which is important. There are over eight essential vitamins and electrolytes found in Cardio Surge Energy, which aid in maintaining many normal bodily functions while preventing weakening muscles, slowed nerve impulses and muscle cramping. As we perform an activity and burn energy, we lose electrolytes, which can be costly to our performance.

With depilated electrolytes, our bodies start to lose muscle strength and slow our reaction time. Although we may not notice this at first, it will affect our performance and become more and more noticeable until eventually our muscle start to cramp…our bodies literally start to shut down. This process can be even more dramatic in climates of extreme heat or humidity. Cardio Surge Energy not only offers sodium and potassium but also includes a FULL spectrum of electrolytes and essential vitamins to make sure your body keeps functioning properly no matter how hard you’re training, competing or how extreme the conditions are.

Science Makes the Difference: Cardio Surge Energy’s EPX System Provides The Results You Need To Take Your Performance To The Next Level Naturally, Safely And Without Side effects…

2. For our bodies to run at peak performance, we need to maximize its energy production pathways. Cardio Surge Energy’s exclusive EPX System turns the body into a finely tuned energy production machine by quickly metabolizing body fat for energy, increasing our body’s oxygen utilization (VO2 Max), so our bodies generate the maximum amount of energy. Additionally, Cardio Surge Energy’s EPX System aids in removing waste, like lactic acid, from the muscles and helps in relaxing and dilating blood vessels for improved blood, oxygen and nutrient circulation in the body while helping to prevent muscle breakdown.

“Your body’s best energy source is by far its fat stores. Our body fat provides 23 times more energy per molecule than carbohydrates or glucose alone”

By far our body’s best source of energy is our fat stores. A single fat molecule can produce over 23 times the amount of energy that one glucose or carbohydrate molecule can. This is why it is vital that your body turns to fat stores to produce energy as quickly as possible. The problem we face is that our body does not start to use body fat as energy right away. Instead, we use glucose or ingested carbohydrates as energy first. It isn’t until these two energy sources begin to become depleted that our body switches to our fat stores for energy. That is why during physical activity, we feel a slow down in energy before our second wind kicks in. Second wind is our body switching to our fat stores for energy.

“With Cardio Surge Energy our body starts to tap into and burn fatty acids for energy almost immediately”

With our body using our fat stores for energy much sooner, this allows us to avoid sluggish energy levels during physical activity and allows us to perform at a higher intensity level longer, which also preserves more of our glucose levels so they last us longer and helps us to burn more of our unwanted body fat.

Cardio Surge Energy’s EPX System precision-engineered formula helps the body begin to metabolize its fat stores for energy much sooner during physical activity. It’s like starting in the “second wind” phase and obtaining all the benefits that come with it. You won’t experience any slow-downs or feel a need to push through a low energy phase to get your second wind. Cardio Surge Energy’s EPX System allows you to push harder when others are fading off; your body will feel strong and you will last longer.

Although energy from fatty acids is important, studies have shown it won't do you much good without adequate oxygen supplied to the working muscles. Cardio Surge Energy improves your cardiovascular performance, which supports an increase of oxygen in your cardiovascular system.

“When oxygen-rich blood and energy from fatty acids pump through the body into the working muscles, they are able to work harder and more efficiently.”

The next stage deals with the health of our cardiovascular system and its ability to provide maximum oxygen (VO2 Max) to our working muscles, as it has a direct relationship to the level of activity we can perform and how long we can sustain that activity. When our body is able to provide more oxygen to the working muscles, our ability to perform activities at higher intensity levels will increase, as will the amount of time we can perform these activities. With this in mind, the highest quality, most effective ingredients were selected for Cardio Surge Energy’s EPX System.

The ingredients in Cardio Surge Energy’s EPX System have been tested and proven to support cardiovascular health, increase oxygenation of the heart while improving oxygen movement in cells and blood.  The direct result of this superior blend is the enhancement of our ability to perform longer at high-intensity levels. Cardio Surge Energy’s EPX System provides your body with the exact natural ingredients it needs to optimize the efficiency of your cardiovascular system; this is the first step in unlocking your body’s greatest endurance potential.

“It is this combination of fuel from your fatty acids and oxygen that creates the ultimate energy supply to allow you to outperform your competition.”

With a good source of energy and maximum oxygen utilization, conditions are almost set for prolonged peak performance. Cardio Surge Energy also addresses the concern of muscle breakdown (muscle cannibalism) and helps to eliminate waste, such as lactic acid, created by your working muscles, so they can keep going strong and recover quicker.

The final stage of Cardio Surge Energy’s EPX system deals with the relaxation and dilation of blood vessels, which allow for increased blood, oxygen and nutrient circulation in the body and more specifically the working muscles. The ingredients found in Cardio Surge Energy help to transport oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles, so they can produce the energy they need to work at their peak performance for a longer period. At the same time, Cardio Surge Energy’s EPX System helps with the removal of waste from muscles, such as lactic acid. These processes help the body to preserve vital muscle tissue while overcoming fatigue and stress. They also promote increased energy levels and normal functioning of the working muscles. This enables us to keep working at our highest potential and does so with less fatigue, muscle burn, and soreness. This also results in a much faster physical recovery, so your muscle is ready to train or compete again much sooner.

3. Cardio Surge Energy provides an exclusive digestive enzyme blend to help your body extract the maximum amount of nutrients for your pre-workout or competition meal, snack, drink or energy gel.

Cardio Surge Energy’s all-natural digestive enzyme blend helps to maximize digestion and absorption of nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, electrolytes, and vitamins. This assists in providing your body with much-needed nutrients to help your body perform at its peak and recover quicker.

If you use Cardio Surge Energy as recommended, you’ll see an increase in performance the first time you use Cardio Surge Energy. Include Cardio Surge Energy as part of your regular training and experience your body transform during your workouts; you heart will feel steadier, your muscles will feel less fatigued and you’ll be able to train with sustained energy for longer periods of time. Cardio Surge Energy will help you increase your competitive edge from the very first time you use it

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