Glyco-Muscle Fueler: Fuel Your Performance

Glyco-Muscle Fueler: Fuel Your Performance

If you’re a serious athlete then you know just how vital energy is to your performance and keeping your energy levels up during training and competition. The problem so many of us athletes face is keeping our energy levels up during prolonged training sessions and competitions. As our body depletes our glycogen (energy) stores our energy diminishes along with our performance. I’m sure you’ve seen an athlete start a competition off great they hit a wall and end up losing. I’ve personally experience this myself and can tell you it’s frustrating as hell.

So what’s the solution?

Replenishing your glycogen as best as you can during your training and competition or between competition events, so you’re body has an energy source to pull from is your best option. Most athletes do this by turning to a sports drink, energy bar or energy gel. However, the problem with most drinks, bars and gels is they’re filled with low-grade energy like sugar, so they don’t give your body a sustained energy source and the energy they do provide is often short lived, so you have to keep consuming more and more to try and keep your energy levels up.

I saw this as a huge problem and decided to offer a solution when we expanded the PNP Supplements line. The solution I created is Glyco-Muscle Fueler and high-quality carbohydrate that hyper-loads glycogen store by absorbs 18.21% faster than leading sports drinks while providing up to TWO HOURS of sustained energy. On top of that, Glyco-Muscle Fueler is 100% SUGAR-FREE and GLUTEN FREE too!

Since its introduction athletes from Muay Thai, MMA, CrossFit, Obstacle Course Racing, BJJ, Soccer and more have relied on Glyco-Muscle Fueler to keep them fueled during competition and training, replenish their energy stores between competition events and reload their glycogen stores after weight cuts for combat sports weigh-ins.

Let take a look at what sets Glyco-Muscle Fueler apart from other sports drinks.

Fast Absorbing Carbohydrate
One of the many benefits Glyco-Muscle Fueler has to offer is its unique source of Carbohydrates. Glyco-Muscle Fueler is powered by Karbolyn, a patent-pending carbohydrate, which is a registered carbohydrate, so you won’t find it in many different places. This specific carbohydrate is made to absorb through the stomach up to 18.21% faster than sugar or dextrose, which is commonly found in other carbohydrate supplements. However, Glyco-Muscle Fueler is completely free of sugar and gluten, unlike other carbohydrate supplements, and won’t cause the typical spike and crash in energy. Instead, you’ll experience a steady flow of sustained high energy.

This in particular really sets Glyco-Muscle Fueler apart from most other carbohydrate supplements. Dextrose and sugar have received negative attention for producing short-lived energy or the spike then crash athletes don’t want. Additionally, sugar and dextrose are often associated with fat gain due to the over release of insulin you don’t want, but Glyco-Muscle Fueler helps you get around this.

In addition to this, you’ll also get a full spectrum of electrolytes to help keep your muscle working properly and avoid any muscle cramping that can often occur through intense physical activity.

The Glycogen Load Matrix
After we picked the best carbohydrate we could find, we asked ourselves one important questions. “How can we make it better?” The solution is PNP’s Glycogen Loading Matrix. The next big benefit you’ll get from Glyco-Muscle Fueler is a matrix of ingredients that help to enhance muscle glycogen or carbohydrate uptake when ingesting Glyco-Muscle Fueler.

The benefit of including our Glycogen Loading Matrix right into our supplement is your body’s ability to absorb and utilise more from each serving of Glyco-Muscle Fueler. Our Glycogen Loading Matrix ensures your body utilises and absorbing more from each serving into your working muscles and is converted into energy for your working muscles to fuel your performance during training sessions and competitions.

Most other carbohydrate supplements don’t provide a matrix to improve carbohydrate uptake. For those who do offer a supplement to enhance carbohydrate uptake, it is typically sold as a separate supplement. With Glyco-Muscle Fueler, we provide everything you need in one product, so there’s no need to purchase a second supplement to maximise carbohydrate utilisation. The stack is built in, so you’re getting both supplements in one.

This matrix consists of some of the top well-known ingredients designed to accelerate glycogen regeneration include Banaba Extract, Cinnulin Cinnamon, as well as Fenugreek Extract.

The Energy Enhancement Matrix
Finally, you’ll also get an energy boost from using this product due to the unique combination of ingredients designed to top off your energy levels, naturally, without any harsh crash after the workout is finished.

This unique combination including L-Tyrosine, ATP, L-Carnitine, and L-Citrulline to name just a few that will support fat metabolization, oxygen utilisation, and lactic acid removal to further enhance energy, performance, and complete Glyco-Muscle Fueler’s powerful energy supplement.

If you want to keep your performance running at its peak throughout the tough training session, extended competitions and reload your energy stores more effectively after physical activity, you might want to give Glyco-Muscle Fueler a try. Remember, as with al our supplements, Glyco-Muscle Fueler is 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.


Jerry Teixeira
Jerry Teixeira - Author

Jerry Teixeira founded PNP Supplements as a sports performance brand based on the concept of maximizing the body’s natural functioning systems for peak performance and recovery. From training and competing for several years to studying the body, nutrition and researching supplementation, Jerry has taken a hands-on approach to all PNP Supplements formulas. A Northern California native, Jerry graduated from San Francisco State University in 2004.

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314 reviews
Rocket Power Energy!

When I used this and trained, it felt like someone put a rocket in my butt and set it off. 10/10

Great Stuff!!!

I take Cardio Surge Energy before my runs and there was a noticeable difference from the first time I took it. It gives me that extra boost and allows me to breathe more efficiently. I highly recommend this product.

The energy you need to get you through a tough workout

This stuff is fantastic. I don't use it as a pick me up before a workout (I have a little caffeine for that), but this is more like the energy that keeps you going throughout the workout and pushes you a bit further. I find a steady energy with no crash. I have noticed a huge difference in energy levels and performance when I've taken this and when I haven't (with caffeine being a constant). I teach very high intensity kickboxing classes and I get though them just fine if I have this!

Great Quality - Feel Good, Tastes Good

I love the protein powder and the cardio surge pills. The banana creme protein powder tastes amazing, doesn't make you feel lethargic, and has probiotics that clearly help it pass through your digestion. The pre-workout works like a charm as well....the only negative is it kind of tastes like chalk. I would still drink the PNP pre-workout over chemical alternatives that make you feel like you just put jet fuel in your system.

Overall great products - especially for HIIT athletes.

Try this!!!

This actually works!!! I’m extremely active. I take 3 and it’s like rocket fuel with no jitters.