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Sean Fagan

Sean Fagan

Before I used Recover Surge, I used to make a post-workout smoothie after every training session. It had almost everything I needed to recover after a hard training session, but Recover Surge has even MORE. What I decided to do was to add Recover Surge to my smoothie so this way I get all the nutrition from my smoothie as well as all the benefits from Recover Surge, which I don’t get from my healthy foods.


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Jerry Teixeira
Jerry Teixeira - Author

Jerry Teixeira founded PNP Supplements as a sports performance brand based on the concept of maximizing the body’s natural functioning systems for peak performance and recovery. From training and competing for several years to studying the body, nutrition and researching supplementation, Jerry has taken a hands-on approach to all PNP Supplements formulas. A Northern California native, Jerry graduated from San Francisco State University in 2004.

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