• “Glyco-Muscle Fueler has made a big difference and how long I can train for. With past pre-workout supplements, you can really only keep working till that crash comes. Glyco-Surge doesn't have that effect, its clean energy without the jitters or crash. Not only that but you never really feel like your going to hit a wall or die off at any point.”

    Nick Delgrande
    Pro CrossFit and NPGL Athlete

  • "Cardio Surge Energy has noticeably improved my cardio during long training sessions. The great thing about Cardio Surge Energy is that it’s not full of caffeine or any other stimulants. So you don’t feel jittery during your workouts or burnt out afterward."

    Sean Fagan
    Founder of Muay-Thai-Guy.com

  • Cardio Surge Energy is one of the best supplements I’ve ever used. It has been a game changer in regards to my cardio conditioning. Even after improving my cardio through extensive training using Cardio Surge Energy took it up to the next level and allowed me to last longer and push harder through 2-3 hour Muay Thai, MMA and strength and conditioning training sessions. The best thing is that it’s safe, effective and free of stimulants. As a world renown fitness trainer and strength and conditioning coach, I only put my name on top quality products and this is one that I endorse 100 percent!

    Funk Roberts
    Founder of FunkMMA.com

  • "As a personal trainer and athlete, I look for trustworthy companies. Whey-Pro 5 has been a staple when I am on the run between training and work. Free of fillers, full of quality ingredients and tastes amazing even when blended with greens and fruits. Simply put, you get what you pay for."

    Paul Banasiak
    Founder of MuayThaiAthlete.com

  • "When I first started using Cardio Surge Energy. I noticed a real increase in my cardiovascular performance. I was able to do more rounds of very high-intensity work before I started getting winded compared to before.
    When I hooked my heart rate monitor up I saw I was able to get my max heart rate up higher and for a longer period of time! What really impressed me was that I wasn’t more tired while doing it. I was just able to keep going."

    Eric Luna
    Professional Muay Thai Fighter